Looking back after a year, an interesting place. You cant as a professional or middle class person earn more than $30 a month, you get subsidies. No one is happy about it. The young see the larger world. How long will they put up with Castro’s regime now that he is dead. And yet Cuba does not suffer – yet – the excesses of tourist and modern contemporary development. Incredible old historic buildings. The sun is very hot. The people very pleasant. The city of Habana great but the streets frequently totally unclean. Good chess players here!! The Cuban experience with USSR now gone leaving them out in the cold, but the Russian presence still is here. Our good friend Ricardo had studied there and showed us about. Cubans went to fight wars with Russia, in Angola and their presence may have been decisive but many wounded and disabled and the pensions are almost nothing. Now a year later we are almost set to make a trip to ARchangelsk in Russia ….

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